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 The Pakistan Association of HK Ltd is delighted to inform for promoting the development of sports within Hong Kong and to providing greater access to the  Pakistan Association Club’s  Sporting and Recreation Facilities open for usage by Eligible Outside Bodies.

Eligible Outside Bodies refer to schools, national sports associations (NSAs) non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and youth & uniformed groups.

Please download the form for booking and time slots  Click Here

All inquires  are welcome for booking and reservation please contact                                      Mr. Alex:  2780 7232  / 9494 6131

Fax: 2780 2447

Email : pakassoc@biznetvigator.com


巴基斯坦協會對促進香港體育事務是抱著承擔義務的精神, 同時, 亦加大開放其會內之體育設施與外界團體使用.

合乎資格的外界團體包括學校, 國際性體育組織 ( NSAs ), 非政府機構          ( NGOs ), 青少年及制服組織.


預約及查詢, 請聯絡 Mr.Alex.

電話 : 2780 7232 / 9494 6131
傳真 : 2780 2447
電子郵箱 : pakassoc@biznetvigator.com














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